Malacca’s Desert | Pantai Klebang

A Unique Sand Dune Landscape in Malaysia at Pantai Klebang, Melaka.

IMG_7200-2 IMG_7203-2 IMG_7205-3 IMG_7209-4 IMG_7212-5 IMG_7217-6 IMG_7222-2 IMG_7224-2 IMG_7227-3 IMG_7254-4 IMG_7265-5

Caution, there’s too hot. Lol

Oke see you next post 🙂


2 thoughts on “Malacca’s Desert | Pantai Klebang

  1. Yuna says:

    Hi, I love your photo very much, nice shot!! I went there before(Klebang) but didn’t see the view as your photo look, where is it actually? Think of taking picture there also.

    • Gracias 🙂
      Btw this place was nearby ‘pantai klebang’. If you go there just take the road beside the pantai klebang. This road will lead you to the off road and if you look at your gps your car was singking in the sea. Lol. But dont worry youre safe. Just go through the unpaved road. But beware dont make your own track. Use road that are often used to this osem place. Watchful. Sandy road can cause lost control of your vehicle. If you want playsafe just asking local people for the direction.
      Enjoy ur trip.
      Enjoy ur photoshoot!

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